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Professional Advice

The professional staff of The International Chef Academy of Tuscany is at your complete disposal to give you advice on the following topics:

Food service:

our Chefs will give you suggestions about relaunching and renovating your activity, including service organization, creation of a menu with new ideas, inspired by the typology of your restaurant.


our pastry chefs will be available for relauching and renovating your activity with new ideas for your products and their presentation.

Food intolerances:

our Doctor, biologist and nutritionist, will be at your disposal for consultation, and creation of menu, specific diets for every kind of intolerance, according to different personal needs.

Hygiene and security:

our teachers will be available for everything connected with hygiene and security of your activity, with consultation directly at your place and the possibility of an update for what concerns the self check legislation and HACCP formation.

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