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Pearson  BTEC  London Permormers

Fundamental Courses

Basic cooking course:

Corso Fondamentale Cucina

– Broth, soup, pureed soup
– Fresh handmade pasta: pici, dumplings and dressings
– Fresh handmade egg pasta and filled egg pasta: tagliatelle, ravioli, tortellini and dressings
– Risotto and crepes
– Cooking techniques: the stew
– Cooking techniques: the fried
– Cooking techniques: the vacuum and low temperature cooking
– Fish basic: bone fish, how to fillet and cooking techniques
– Fish basic: crustaceans and mollusks
– Pastry basic: shortcrust pastry, sponge cake, custard and desserts

Course duration:
9 lessons (40 hours)

Days and time:
Tuesday from 9.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. or from 6.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.

  • 14 JANUARY 2021
  • 18 MARCH 2021
  • 20 MAY 2021

Enrollment method:
Classes can have no more than 8 attendees.
To enroll request registration form by e-mail or call +393421110956

Basic pastry course:

Corso Fondamentale Pasticceria

Basic pastry course is a practical project, totally acted by attendees, suitable for who wants to learn pastry basis in a short course. All the main topics will be developed in order to make attendees able to create main preparations.

In particular the programme will be:

– Shortcrust pastry world: whipped, sandy and yeast shortcrust pastry
– Creams: Chantilly and English cream. Basic cream, starchs and gelatins.
– Sponge cake: temperature, how to whip and how to insert flour. Syrups and relationships.
– Bakery world: plumcake, muffin, cupcake and pie. Innovation, procedures and relationship.
– Mousse and Bavarese: procedures, textures, layering and soft and semifreddo presentation.
– Desserts: panna cotta, crème caramel, sauces and caramel.
– Typical Sienese sweets: cavallucci, panforte, ricciarelli and cantuccini. Shapes and relationship.
– Choux pastry: profiterole, fat mass and frostings.
– Rised salted: the world of yeast and its shapes. Breads, breadsticks, wrap, focaccia, pizza and pan co santi.
– Dressing, decoration and dish presentation.

Course duration:
10 lessons (30 hours)

Days and time:
Wednesday from 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. or from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

  • 13 JANUARY 2021
  • 17 MARCH 2021
  • 19 MAY 2021

Enrollment method:
Classes have a maximum number of attendees.
To enroll request registration form by e-mail or call +393421110956

At the end of each lesson you will be carried out a tasting of the prepared dishes.

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