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Pastry Course (2nd level)

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Pastry Course (2nd level)

PROFESSIONAL PACKING COURSE (2nd level) with Edexcel-Btec International Level 3 Certification </ strong>

Start date Courses: DECEMBER 3, 2018 </ strong>

The Pasticcere Course (Level 2) is a professional course for all those who have a knowledge base in the field. It is an evolution of the first level course where the most important pastry basics needed for the production of finished cakes are handled.

Students will be able to range from chicas to brisée, from sponge cakes to biscuits, creams to creamy, from bavarian to mousse, through the leaf to the world of pasta choux.

All the preparations will be technically superior to the previous one.

The purpose of the course is to learn how to manage your work independently, to know the raw materials, the techniques and the practical production of the dough, the transformations and the preservation of the products made.

This important course will make it possible for the students to count on the direct and practical view of all the preparations, including on the support of the educational material, paperwork, accompanied by practical explanations of all the preparations made in the laboratory as well as the constant presence of the Academy Teachers.


80 hours in Academy + 240 training sessions at the best pastry shops we have selected


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